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Isuzu UK Introduces RAPTOR Tough and Protective Coating For D-Max Pickups

There's no doubt that the Isuzu D-Max pickup truck is the weapon of choice for those that like to live their life on the edge, those folk that like nothing more than exploring the ragged edges of the natural world, and who value practical, go-anywhere ability above all else, and the Isuzu D-Max is the most capable of them all. Isuzu UK is proud to announce that it can now supply Raptor protective coatings on its whole pickup range, a highly significant development.

Despite this rugged image and inherent toughness, there's one aspect of your average pickup that's not quite up to the task at hand, and that's the flatbed. Vulnerable to scratches and damage sustained while carrying awkward loads, the traditional solution to an unprotected flat-bed has been a ABS Plastic Load Liner – a good solution, true, but not for everyone. The need to provide pickup owners with a greater choice when it comes to flat-bed protection inspired Isuzu to conduct research into alternative solutions, and the result is Raptor from U-POL.

Developed to be hard wearing and protect against everyday wear and tear, Raptor is easy to apply and is now available via the Isuzu dealer network to owners of used and brand new D-Max trucks. A tough and tintable protective coating that's resistant to mechanical damage, Raptor is even hard enough to withstand the kind of chemical damage that can arise from petroleum and hydraulic oil spillages, animal urine and waste, salt water, rain and pretty much anything else you care to mention.

Not only does Raptor provide an effective layer of protection against the contaminants mentioned above, it also prevents rust and corrosion, as well as damage resulting from exposure to extremes of hot and cold, including Ultra Violet light that's a fixture of long, hot summer days...even if you happen to live in the UK! An application of Raptor will preserve the factory look of your D-Max's flat-bed, preventing scratches, stains, fading and sun bleaching, and all while being totally water resistant. In practice this means that it forms a water tight seal between the outside world and the steel of your truck's bed, keeping moisture at bay and going a long way toward eliminating any chance of corrosion.

Raptor can be combined with Raptor Traction to produce a rough, layered finish that boasts impressive anti-slip properties. This will no doubt prove highly attractive to anyone that works outside in the harshest conditions the UK weather can muster!

It's undoubtedly true that there are already other protective coatings on the market, but few are as tried and tested as Raptor, , and, significantly from an aesthetic point of view, none can be customised and coloured to the same degree. Raptor is tintable (see below to find out the about the full range of tints available through the dealer network) and can even be painted over, so it really can function as a 'rough and ready' styling addition that's perfectly in tune with the nature of the D-Max itself.

Raptor is simple to apply and quick to dry, meaning that it's eminently suitable for all generations of D-Max pickup, both new and second hand. Those considering purchasing an all-new truck would be well advised to consider investing in a coat before they drive away, while those still running an older generation will be equally well served by a coating of Raptor. Tough, long-lasting and dependable, U-POL Raptor looks set to be the next big thing in the world of Pick-Up truck protective coatings and customisation.