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Kevin Tetz introducing our RAPTOR range. Versatile, UV and chemical resistance, great adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. Any project in mind? custom car, chassis, underbody, off-road, bumpers, pick-up trucks.... RAPTOR is perfect for DIY users and professional users too. As simple as Fill-Shake-Shoot. RAPTOR is a catalyzed urethane system, it is super strong. Let's talk about the Black kit. Is it available in 1 US Quart kit to up to 200L drums. You will receive the exact portion of catalyst required, and a detailed instruction booklet in every kit. We are working on a Toyota Land Cruiser. You will need a few other products on top of RAPTOR coating to achieve a perfect result, watch the video to learn more. Surface preparation is key! Once this is done, mix and apply RAPTOR. More details in the video. Enjoy!

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